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Create Covid-19 Statistics Page in Blogger

How To Add Covid-19 Statistics Page In Blogger WordPress site Worldwide Covid-19 Statistics Update Easily Add The Best Tool For News Website Or Blog
Create Covid-19 Statistics Page in Blogger

Hello Everyone, today I will Show you How to Create Covid-19 Statistics Page in Blogger The Best Working way To add This page. This Page Script Will Show You Worldwide covid-19 Statistics

Currently, the situation of Covid-19 around the world is still happening day by day and we do not know when it will end. With Creating a Covid-19 Statistics Page for Blogspot that I guide you to do the following will help us most accurately update the Covid-19 situation around the world.

To create a Covid statistics page like this is quite simple. In Vietnam, you just need to create a new page on Blogger and then insert the following code:

<script src="https://apps.elfsight.com/p/platform.js" defer></script>

<div class="elfsight-app-28e2d43f-88c8-482a-9405-d3ef8c52a119"></div>

Publish the page and see the results as a demo.

Note: In addition, there are many ways to Create a Covid-19 Statistics Page for Blogspot. If you have other ways, please comment below to share.!

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